Fru-Veg: Food Safety

Fru-veg™ is committed to food safety. As part of our commitment, all our growers have Good Agriculture Practices (GAP) certification and are certified by third party companies. This ensures the best agricultural practices are followed and our fruits and vegetables are produced, packed, handled, and stored in the safest manner possible.

A third-party audit of Fru-Veg's™ cold storage and distribution facility is performed annually by Primus Labs.  Their certification confirms that Fru-Veg™ takes the necessary measures to ensure our Food Safety program is in compliance with their strict guidelines.

Our cold storage facility is equipped with different temperature-controlled coolers to accommodate our various products and provide assurance of an unbroken cold chain.

All employees at the cold storage follow strict HACCP guidelines and attend monthly food safety training programs. We incorporate the seven main principles of HACCP which ensure that all procedures are followed accordingly.

Food Safety Standards